He takes you roughly

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Before you know it Josh grabs you by the arm and throws you on his bed. "Ow, Josh that hurt" you say. He flips you over onto your belly and wastes no time slamming his hard dick in your tight pussy. You squeal at the sudden pain, and without any pause Josh ties a singlet around your head and jams it into your mouth so you can scream. He ignores your muffled screams and he thrusts and pushes faster and deeper into you, until he can't go any deeper. He is not all the way in but he can’t go anymore. Your heart is racing and the pain is unbearable. You breathe heavily through your nose trying to get pleas out.

"Just keep breathing, Miranda, It will feel good soon. I promise. You’re a little slut in the making!" You start to sniffle again, as more tears roll down your cheek.

"F...oh, fuck, Miranda...what a big girl, taking all your brother's cock like this. I'm sorry about the singlet but you would yell you have to get past the pain first?"

A painful minute passes before you get use to it. Soon you do start to feel good. The pain decreases and you start feel some pleasure starting to build up in your body. You remove the singlet, allowing your moans to escape. Hearing your moans Josh starts to go a bit harder now and the pain is now mostly gone. Tears are still continuing to trickle down your face but you do feel tingly and filled with pleasure.

"Tell me you want me to cum, Miranda." Josh says as he continues thrusting into you.

"I..." you say in a shaky voice, "I want you to cum, Josh."

"Keep saying it."

"I want you to cum in me. Please cum in me Josh!" Your voice starts trembling as you feel something happening the pleasure is becoming significantly greater and you feel light headed. As Josh gets even faster your moans become very loud and Josh replaces the singlet in your mouth. He flips you over so you can see his face; looking up at your big brother you see he is struggling to hold something back. "Soon Mandy very soon" he grabs your tiny nipples and squeezes them, and that's when it happens. Your whole body trembles uncontrollably and pleasure flows over you. A massive moan erupts from your mouth only just covered by the singlet. You whole body is numb and you nearly slip into unconsciousness.

You can hear your brother cry out, "I'm going to come Mandy! I'M GOING TO CUM!!!!!”

You saw what this was from Josh's movie and are kind of ready for it. Josh pulls out of you and shoots liquid all over you, most of it landing on your face. As your orgasm starts to go away you begin to regain mobility, your face feels warm, and your pussy is aching. You ask what to do about the liquid. Josh calls it cum and says you have to eat it. You reluctantly agree and wipe it off into your hand and lick it off. Josh seems to be getting some pleasure from this. "It's soo salty and yummy!" You say, Josh says, “That’s good and that their is plenty more where that came from.”

While panting and staggering you leave the room Do you:

You are:
Miranda, age 17
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