Head to Enrollment

From Create Your Own Story

You go to enrollment and wait in line, behind Derek. Naturally, you check him out. He stands a good 7 inches taller than you, almost as wide at the shoulders. You notice that he has shaved legs and a great tan. Before you gaze any more further, Derek turns around and tosses his light brown hair out of his eyes, and says “so are you joining any sports team?”

His question catches you a bit off guard and you stutter for a moment before saying, “Well, what teams do you play on?” Arms raised, he replies with “swim team”. He then squeezes your upper arm a little.

"You could join if you want; you don't have to be real big like me to join. In fact, I'm the biggest guy on the team this year.”

Thinking about seeing guys in wet speedos just made your pants get tighter.

“Sure,” you tell him. “If you're on the team, I'll give it a shot.”

Derek turns back around and you remain quiet in line for the entire time. Time passes, and the registrar hands in your schedule for classes.

"Anything else I can help you with?" she asks.

You consider it for a moment and glance back to the corridor where Derek had just walked out of. And you:

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