Herculio wants everyone to take a go at his sister while he watches

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As you step back you take a moment to look at your work. Candelas is pretty out of it, no wonder, as you have just popped her pretty good. Still, it seem's like Herculio want's to take it a step further, as you find out as your teammate says: "Okay guys! I want every cock in this room to fuck my little, goody-two shoes sister hard! She's not going home until everyone had pumped her load into one of her slut-holes!"

There is cheering and yelling and you wisely step back before you get trampled, as the team descends upon Candelas like a pack of hungry wolves. She is pulled upon a lap and a fat cock is speared into her asshole, making her scream out in surprise and pain, before her mouth is stuffed too. She is surrounded by cocks, forced to work her hands up and down the fat dicks, while three pricks are beginning to fuck her into every single hole.

You can not help but notice the way Herculio seems to enjoy the show immensly. He seems to have a special shine for his little sister.

You yourself notice that despite having fired your load so much already, you could go for the next fuck soon. You look around, trying to find out where a hole is free for your dick, and you notice that despite every girl being occupied, you could easily find a fuck-hole. Miranda is riding Chad's cock and giggling now and then, while Katy is laying on the bed with her ass up in the air and getting fucked hard in the ass, making her moan and whimper in pain, shame and pleasure.

You are:
Josh, age 15
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