Herculio wants you to take Candelas' ass virginity

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Herculio catches his breath real quick, watching the two girls lick his cum off of his little sister. Then he turns to you.

"Don't stop now, man," he tells you. "Fuck her tight little asshole."

He turns his sister over, putting her onto her knees, with her hand down on the bed. You see him stick his finger into Candelas' pussy, coming out with a fingerful of Candelas' pussy juices and your cum. He starts rubbing that around her puckered little hole, and then pops his finger in there just a bit, causing her to moan just a little.

Despite how hot watching this is, you're not sure you can go again. You've fucked so much today already.

Sensing your problem, Herculio grabs Miranda, despite the protests of the guy who was fucking her. He shoves her face up against your wilting cock. A little too eagerly, she takes you into her mouth. It takes a minute, but you feel your erection returning.

Now it's Miranda's turn to protest as Herculio pulls her off of you. Then he passes her back to the guy who was fucking her before. A few seconds later, he has her cock back in your sister.

Candelas has kept the same position, despite no one holding her. Herculio practically shoves you against her. Thankfully, he's not eager enough for this that he's going to grab your cock or anything to help. At least not so far. You decide not to push your luck.

It's hard enough just to slip the head of your cock between those cute little asscheeks, and against her hole. Sensing how tight she is, you're wondering if this is going to be possible at all.

"Come on, bro," Herculio urges you. "Fuck that ass!"

The rest of the team takes up the chant. "Fuck that ass! Fuck that ass!"

Emboldened, you grab onto her hips and start trying to force your cock into her ass. You see her legs try to pump under her, as if she's trying to move away, or is just in great discomfort, but she doesn't say anything until the head of your cock pops into her backdoor. Then she gives a loud yelp. She tries to raise her head up off the of bed, but Herculio holds it down. Then you tighten your grip even more and force your cock the rest of you way into her ass.

You hear her whimper and mutter something in Spanish. You think it's a prayer. Her tight ass is spasming around your cock, and seems to be trying desperately to shit you out. You let her actually push you out a little, then drive yourself back in.

She gives another yelp, then goes back to praying or whatever she's doing. You start fucking her ass slowly. Despite what you've already done to all the girls present, you don't want to hurt any of them.

Herculio finally lets go of her head, and moves around in front of his sister.

"Pray over this," he tells her. Then he puts his cock in her mouth.

You and he double up on his sister. You fuck her ass while he gets a blowjob from her. He's apparently too turned on by this, and cums into her mouth, making her choke for a bit. Then he staggers back, before sinking into a chair, keeping his eyes on the action still. Meanwhile, Candelas spits out cum into her hands, then wipes it on the bed when she doesn't have anything else to do with it.

She doesn't get a choice about what to do with your cum. You blast it all inside of her. At least you try to. Her ass is so tight that a bunch of it immediately leaks out around your cock. You don't think the latina came, but she didn't seem to be hurting as much at the end, either.

You pull your cock out of her ass, watching as more cum oozes out of her anus.

What next?

You are:
Josh, age 15
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