Here We Go

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Painful is the right word. Every fucking hair south of your eyebrows is whipped away including your balls and asshole. When the gorgeous girl begins cupping your balls your small pecker stands to attention which brings Channelle to laugh hysterically before composing herself "It would appear our little Amy bats for both teams, how cute. Don't worry though I ain't in the dick swallowin' game I'm more in da pussy lickin' game baby". She says as she finishes inflicting wax based torture on you. "No for the fun part, we'll do hair, eyebrows, makeup, nails the works. Now you'll be wantin' to do this again yourself I'm guessin' so I'll talk ya through it and if your wantin' some help waxin' again or need advice I'll leave ya ma number" she says as she takes you to your seat, "thanks Channelle I love you, your the best". "Oh My God!! your just the sweetest little gurlie I ever met! I'm startin' to like you cutie pie we should hangout some time." she says with such happiness, "I'd like that so much" is your reply. As Channelle begins working on your hair the conversation settles into itself, "So who you meet Alex?" she says.

You are:
Josh, age 18
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