Hide in the equipment locker?

From Create Your Own Story

You need to hide fast so you hop in the equipment locker. It’s empty except for a bag of dodgeballs. Air slats run horizontally across it, while a simple latch serves as a lock. You flip the latch and squat down on the dodgeballs to peer out.

And not a moment too soon as Ms. Klopfer emerges from the showers, a towel wrapped around her. She’s probably got one of the bigger pair of cans you’ve seen and you get a full view of them as she drops the towel. Your cock starts to harden. ‘This is wrong,’ you think. But you’ve been terribly horny all morning. You wrestle in your mind for a few moments, but the issue was decided at the beginning. ‘You’re hidden! No one will ever know…’ you think. So you pull out your cock and stroke it at the sight of Mrs. Klopfer’s naked body. Unfortunately your time is short, as she's soon pulled on a pair of pants and bra and blouse, and she’s out the door before your dick has gone limp.

Now what?

You are:
Josh, age 18
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