High School:HNG-You are found

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You stumble through the street in a daze. Your eyes burn from the semen in them. Your penis, not getting any relief, throbs in pain. You stumble around in agony. You're completely naked except for your shoes and socks and the horrible filth that's written all over your body. Your hands tied behind your back your unable to relieve yourself and you only keep getting that more backed up. You're in a tremendous amount of pain and humiliation. You stumble around not knowing where you're going. Confused you only get more lost. Your penis, rock hard, is turning a dark shade of purple and your balls swell. Finally you collapse, not able to go on. You're found by a passerby. At first confused as to what your are but seeing your state realizes you need help. They call an ambulance they take you to the hospital. Fortunately they had the notion to call your doctor who was waiting for you.

You're rushed in and admitted at once. Your placed in a bed. Your doctor comes in and greets you. He then gets to the task at hand. He rolls you on your side sets you in a fetal position. Then with gloved hand applies a very liberal amount of lube in your anus and inserts his fingers. He massages your prostate he directs a nurse to hold a buck under your erect penis. While his milking helps it's all medical procedure there's nothing sexual about it. Eventually you ejaculate again feels more mechanical as it's under medical care. Having ejaculated about 3 gallon of semen into the bucket. You feel better but now that your erection issue is taken care of the guilt and horror of what's happened to you sets in.

After that it's a blur the cops interview you. It's humiliating they need to take pictures of your naked body with all the hateful nasty sexual things written all over it. You have to recount what happened. Everything is handled so clinically. You are happy you received help but the lack of love behind it makes you feel so hallow an it will haunt you for the rest of your day.

EPILOGUE: After the experience it forever changed you. Your won a massive settlement numbering in the high millions. But you feel you need to make drastic changes. You elect to have both your testicles and prostate removed. While it was unusual to have these they were healthy and other than your issue needing to make sure to ejaculate frequently your rape and humiliation and pain of being erect too long you couldn't take it anymore. You had more than enough to cover the surgeries. Once done you no longer had a scrotum your penis began to resemble an oversized clitoris. It never got hard again and you lost any sexual interest at all. Your became extremely reclusive seldom going outside. The horrifying event was made worse in that you felt the only way to move on was to remove your sexual desires and ablities. It is truly a tragic end. You never had sex again you became very bitter.

Game over try again?

Status Bar
Health 100 Equipment:
Status Miserable,bitter, neutered sexless shell of a person
Gender Hermaphrodite
Social Group Outcast, recluse
Boyfriend/Girlfriend Never will have one
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