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Sadly your mom doesn't enter, she must me showering or otherwise in a place where she can't hear you. Desperate you plead with Tommy "Tommy you gotta help me" you beg, in immense pain.

"What can I do?" Tommy says urgently.

"You..ha.. ve" the pain is stating to become unbearable "stimulate my....prostate" you manage to get out.

"Uh how do I do that" Tommy asks looking around frantically.

Your cock is rock hard and a deep purple, your scrotum getting heavy as your testicles swell. "My butt" you spit out. Tommy helps you on your bed. You lie on your back and point to your nightstand "lube...please" you manage to say, going in dry would not be fun.

"Ok" Tommy says, as he goes to your nightstand and grabs the bottle of lube. You lift your legs up, Tommy grabs your lower body lifts up and shoves a pillow under it, lifting your backside up. He squirts a dollop of lube on your rectum and works a finger in. With his other hand he manages to get his pants off. Tommy has a pretty impressive cock it's about 8" long and quite thick. Tommy works lube all over his cock and positions the head of his penis at the opening of your anus. "Any last tips?" Tommy asks

"Go slow" you say "your cock looks pretty big" also you've never had a cock in your ass before.

"Ok." Tommy says and takes a deep breath as he begins to push his cock in. You give out a gasp as the girth of him begins to slide in your anus expanding to accommodate. While you've have fingers in your butt before but never anything like this. He slides in until he's stops it feels like he's about 3/4 of his length in. As you lay there with your brother's rather large cock inside your ass the pain of it subsides. "Ok so how does that feel?" Tommy asks, making sure he's not making it worse.

"I'm getting used to your cock" you say making a primal grunting noise "you can start thrusting"

Tommy begins to rotate his hips back and forth pushing his cock deep in your ass, stimulating your prostate. "This feels pretty good. I've never had sex before I never thought my first time would be with one of my sisters and in the butt" he says with a nervous giggle.

"This is a first for me too" you say with a embarrassed grin "you can go faster" as you say this Tommy picks up the pace "yeah like that" you moan as a little precum starts to seep out of your penis. It's helping, you're feeling a bit better. "Ok Tommy here comes the bad part you have to jerk my cock as you fuck my ass"

Your 4" erect penis bobs in front on him "uh I don't know if I can" he says a little squeamishly. Tommy was always on the homophobic side.

"Please Tommy I swear I won't tell anyone but you have to jerk me off" you plead

Tommy take a deep breath "Ok" he places his hand over your penis and starts to jerk you off. He's a bit skittish about it a first but starts to get more into it "this isn't so bad" he says as he thrusts his massive cock in and out of your butt while jerking your cock "it's kinda cute, actually" he starts to stare at it "um can I try something? But you gotta promise not to tell a soul" he says seriously.

"What do you have in mind Tommy?" You ask wondering were this is going.

"Just promise" he says curtly

"Ok, Tommy I promise I won't tell anyone. It will go to my grave" you say staring back at him. Tommy takes his han off your penis an takes your hips raising your lower half up he bends over getting his head as close to your penis as possible and he starts to lick your penis from the base of your scrotum up to the tip. As his tongue runs past your urethra it opens slightly. It feels weird but really good. You can can't help but make a loud moaning noise "oh my god Tommy that feels amazing" he makes a few more passes brefore sliding his mouth over your cock and starts giving you a blowjob. You never knew how good it could feel as you're being fucked in the ass and given a blowjob at the same time by your brother. This goes on for a few minutes until "oh my god this feels awesome fair warning little brother I'm going to cum" you shout through your moans of pleasure. You feel a spurt as you start to ejaculate. Quite a bit gets in your brothers mouth. He moves his head off your cock and directs it towards your face, spurts of semen splash on your tits and another on your face. You open your mouth to catch more of it. Whenever you ejaculate after being backed up like this it's about a gallons worth. Your face and tits are covered in your semen.

Timmy slides his cock out of your ass, wiping your cum off his face, you'd guess about a 1/4 to 1/3 cup ha gotten into his mouth "that actually wasn't as bad as a I thought" he says with a nervous laugh " it was kinda fun" he said and gives you a deep kiss. "Well it looks like you are doing better" he says looking down at you

"Yes that really helped, thank you Tommy" you say getting your breath back "I needed that release"

"Uh speaking of release" Tommy says as he points down at his still very erect cock.

"Oh, I see" you say "uh while that felt pretty good my ass is tender" you say and Tommy gets a sad look on his face "well I do have another hole down there." You grab your penis, now soft, and scrotum making your pussy easier to get to.

Tommy stares at your glistening pussy "are you sure? I know you haven't done it before" Tommy says making sure you are ok

"Yes Tommy you kinda did it backwards you already fucked my asshole might as well pop my cherry too" you say as you wrap your legs around Tommy to pull him in.

Tommy slides his cock in your pussy, as you are quite wet it glides right in, there is a mild discomfort but it soon abates as your body gets use to his cock. "Wow that slid in pretty easy" he says

"I was pretty wet, this feel pretty good" you say rocking your hips inviting Tommy to fuck your harder. Tommy thrusts and pushes and grunt. A few minutes later he finally ejaculates inside you. "You came inside me" you say in a sultry almost whisper.

"Was that ok?" He asks

"Yeah I had a cycle last" you pant out. Also doctors say it would be difficult to be impregnated or to impregnate someone. True while your ejaculate is in large volumes it contains very little sperm and you do have menstral cycles it is also difficult. So while not impossible to get pregnant or make a girl pregnant it would be highly unlikely. "It felt so good"

"Well I don't cum as much as you" Tommy says as he splashes around some of the cum covering your chest.

You give Tommy as kiss "oh that's ok your cock is bigger." You say smiling and Tommy smiles back.

You two go take a shower, you both have to stay home as you need to have regular release for the day after being that backed up.

Epilogue: You and your brother grow very close. Every night you sleep together trading off bedrooms. Inside the house you are both very affectionate. Neither your mom or sister are bothered they both think it's cute. And every now and again you have sex with them too. Since you lost your vaginal virginity you figure you might as well fuck with your penis too. Tommy gets a lot less squimish about your penis as often gives you blowjobs, he even let you try putting it in his butt. You never seek relationships outside of your family. You really don't need to you have your brother, sister and mother. After a few years a miracle happened your brother manages to impregnate you and at the same time you get your sister pregnant. The doctor being a close family friend keeps things a secret as not to call these incest progeny a secret. It was fun being pregnant with your sister at the same time. Both of you quite horny but not wanting there's always plenty of sex to be had.

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