High School:HNG- Your mom races in your room

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Your mom enters your room "what is all the yelling up here.." she stops as she she's you on the floor writhing in indescribable pain. She sees your deep purple erect penis and swollen testicles "oh dear lord Becca honey what happened." She looks at your brother "Tommy what the hell did you do boy"

You brother still freaking out "mom I'm so sorry I didn't know I didn't know I'm so sorry" Tommy is freaking out, buried in his gird that he's put you in so much pain.

Meanwhile you are screaming in pain losing all sensible thought "OWW IT HURTS OWW PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!" You don't know if your agony will ever end. You're covered in Sweat.

Your mom bends down stroking your hair trying to calm you and reassure you "it's ok sweetie mommies here. Mommy will help ok try to relax I know it's hard and it hurts. We'll get you fixed" she says in a soothing voice. She looks back at Tommy and In a harsher tone "Tommy snap out of it. Go to your sisters nightstand there grab the bottle of lube and toss it here" she order. He scrambles opens the nightstand haphazardly shuffles through the items in there finding the lube tosses it to your mom. Your mother, still trying to calm and reassure you stroking your hair "ok baby almost there" she pops the lube bottle open and squirts a dollop of it on her fingers and rubs it on your anus. She then squirts more coating her fingers "ok sweetie to alleviate you ill need to stimulate your prostate, now it's going to be A little pressure but once I find it and milk it you'll feel better" she tries to brace you best she can. Your wailing and unable to make sensible worlds at this point. Your mom starts to work her finger in your anus coaxing it to open then sets another finger and eventually slides two fingers in your anus. It's hurt a little as your anus wasn't being coaxed but once it opened up and her fingers went in it's felt better. Her fingers slide up your rectum until they find their goal that large pingball prostate ( you've been told prostates are normally about the size of walnut its not really know. Why yours is so big but it's reasoned to be the cause of your need to Ejaculate or risk paninful back up, it also seems to make you produce more ejaculate than an average boy would) as your mom presses her fingers massaging your prostate the pain subsides. You stops screaming and start to moan a bit "that's it that's my beautiful girl" your mother says in a sweet reassuring tone "there see we're getting it fixed aren't we" she counties to push and milk your prostate, semen starts to seep out, she lubes her other hand and starts to stroke your cock as she's ramming her fingers in to milk your prostate you give a yelp and cum hard, now while a normal ejaculate you do is about half a cup and if your borderline it's about a cup but when it this backed up its an obscene amount, about a gallon. You moan aloud lye as you cum another. A gallon of white jizz all over your bedroom floor. Your mother gives your prostrate a final push to make sure you got it out and a little bit more seeps out. She pulls her fingers out gives your forehead a kiss "there who's my brave girl you did so good baby girl" she rocks you back an a forth I am soothing manner as your erection goes down and your penis and scrotum return to their natural color. " ok sweetie lets get you back into bed you need to rest and we'll need to make sure you cum a few more times but you should feel better. Your mom and Tommy help you back into bed, still naked, they put your covers over you. Your mom makes Tommy clean the mess up.


As penance for the first round of jerking you off to climax she makes Tommy give you a blow job and lets you know to cum in his mouth which you do. The rest of the day your mom and sister switch off. Well with all that pain and excitement you can't continue on so game over try again as this character new girl or start completely over High School

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Health 75 Equipment:
Status Recovering from painful sperm back up
Gender Hermaphrodite
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