High School:HNG-you make your way home

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You stumble about trying to get your bearings, cum pouring out of your roughly fucked vagina. You're naked except for your shoes and socks and the horrible degrading words they scrawled all over you. You're in an unbelievable amount of pain. You force yourself to walk. Your eyes on fire from the semen that had been poured on them. Your fight trying to get your hands free to no avail. Your cock rock hard and throbbing. Your scrotum swelling from not being released. Still trying to process the horrific rape you expierenced, what makes it even more horrifying is you wished and story even begged them to fuck your ass. But to make it even worse for you they delighted even more in leaving you in this painful state. You moan in pain and mumble. You walk for what feels like hours, but is only about 10 minutes. You finally come across your house. You dig deep trying to push on. You make it to the front door you manage to ring the doorbell with your face, praying someone is still home. You fall down down, the pain is too much. You can see through your red sore bloodshot eyes your cock is a deep purple and your balls ache badly you can't take it anymore you fall down. In a last effort you scream in pain "PLEASE GOD HELP!" Hoping your heard and are helped

The door swings open "oh my god sweetie what happened!" Your mom looks at you and sees your horrible state "baby what did they do to you?" She bends down to comfort you and sees your hard throbbing purple erection "oh my god baby!" She picks you up "it's ok baby we'll fix you" she picks you up not caring about getting the cum al over you on her she kissed your forehead.

You cry and sob "mommy I need anal" you bleat out, mortified that you have to say it but you know it's the only way at this point. "I need a hard cock up my ass"

"I know baby, your brothers not here, but I'll help you just hang on." She takes you inside sets you in the foyer an races off to her. Thankfully her master suite is right there. She come back with a bottles of lube and a strap on. Knowing time is of the essence she rips her own skirt off and yanks her panties tearing them off not wanting to waste time to properly take them off. She puts the strap on with great speed. "Ok baby lets make you better." She gently guides you on your back squirts a healthy amount of lube and rubs it on your anus working a few fingers in "sorry baby don't really have time for foreplay" she rubs more lube on the dildo on the strapon on and gluides it in. Your rectum spreads wides as the dildo slides into your anus.

You give a moan "it's ok mommy I'm in pain I just need to get released please just fuck my ass" your embarrassed you have to use such language to your mom but she is not phased she understands the pain your in an a wants to help. She thrust the dildo deep in your butt, stimulating your prostate. "That feels better please keep going mommy fuck my ass. Trust me you could rail me and it'd still be gentler than what those assholes did to my poor vagina and mouth." Precum dribbles out of your painfully erect penis. It feels so god having it finally dribble out. Your mom takes that cue to push harder and jerk your cock. Eventually you erupt and you cum hard. Cum erupts from your cock it's thick and it flies up it covers you and your mom. The ejaculation takes about 2 minutes you cum gallons way more than you ever have. You've been backed up but never this bad. If you had to guess you'd say about 5-6 gallons before today you'd thought that impoosible. Finally released the color starts to return to normal to your penis as it begins to shrink and rest. "Thank you so much mommy." You burble through the sheet of your own cum you've been coated in. While still in pain from the rape you feel much better now that you've cum.

Your mom kisses you comforting you an a helps you to her shower. She helps clean you and her off washing joy both a few times. She's clean you both up but while clean of all the jizz your still covered in the horrible writing. Your mom sit still you down on the seat in her shower. "Ok baby just sit right here I need to get something to get this horrible trash they wrote all over you" she leaves and quickly returns with a bottle of lemon juice. Liberally she applies it all over your body and it helps remove the body writing. "Look at me Becca" she says lovingly "you are a unique anus prescious girl don't let them destroy you they are all ingrorant bastards." She embraces you in the shower as you weep and sob "that's ok baby let it lol out" once done she helps you dry off an a dresses you.

EPILOGUE: your mom had called the cops at first they weren't that eager to help pointing out that because your mom had washed you there was no evidence. Not content your mother pushed harder and the video tape and Polaroids were found proving your awful assault. Then came the lawsuits the school the students who all had a hand. You won in a land side. When it was all said and done you won milllions. Enough to live off of in 3 lifetimes. Which was good as after that you dropped out of school you couldn't do it again the risk too high. Your mother was supportive. It took years before you could go out in public again. Progress was slow. You never could trust anyone else you developed a deeper and sexual relationship with your mother. She understood you had needs and was more than willing to help you. You've had sex with her just about every way possible. You do mostly say reclusive not wanting to be out much. WhIch is fine by you. You have your family for companionship.

Game over try again?

Status Bar
Health 100 Equipment:

Blouse, skirt, panties, bra, knee high socks, shoes, backpack, your file

Status Socially stunted, recovering from being raped, damaged and reclusive
Gender Hermaphrodite
Social Group
Boyfriend/Girlfriend Your Mother
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