High School F Go confrount the boys

From Create Your Own Story

You look around to see if you can find the boys that did this. You find the five munits later sniggering and laughing in an empty classroom. You storm in there and they all turn to look at you. "Oh look it's the stripper," one of them mocks. You yell and charge forwards and try and hit him in the face. Unfortunately he catches your hands and he sneers, "Oh, you want some do you?"

One of the others pulls out a knife and some rope. With the knife he cuts off your clothes and then he ties you hands to your feet behind your back forcing you into a kneeling position. They then shove their cocks in your mouth and ram them in and out then they pull out and cum allover your face blinding you. They move on to your other holes, they come in your pussy, down your throat, in your ass and all over you. You can feel their cum rolling over you. Eventual you feel them drag you through the silent corridors so you assume that there are lessons going on. They

Work in progress

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