Hot and Horny/Awkwardly try to explain what happened

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You cheeks turn red as you blush furiously with embarrassment. "Oh that. No I was uh..." You trail off meekly, unsure how to finish what you were saying. This is quite a predicament that you've found yourself in. Your laying on top of your sister completely naked except for the sheet, which barely covers your ass. You let go of your sister's shoulder and sit up off of her. Trying to untangle yourself from her.

That's when she springs up. Miranda uses this opportunity while your weight is shifted to reverse the position. Now she is on top with your shoulders pinned and one knee between your legs. She smiles devilishly at you and says with her cutesy sweet voice "Aw, it's okay big brother. Your baby sister is here to take care of you." Your eyes widen with both surprise and panic. You're not sure how far she plans on taking this but the situation is beginning to get out of your control. You buck your hips and twist but nothing you try does anything besides shift her weight a bit and make her giggle. Damn, those wrestling classes sure paid off. "Haha, are you having some trouble there big bro. Can't you get out from under your little sister?" She says with a chuckle. The sad thing is you know you can't, even if you tried your hardest. She's got you pinned.

Do you...

You are:
Josh, age 18
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