Hot and Horny/Chelsea Miranda let her

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You can't help but follow the same line of reasoning; you have too much going on to deal with this, and Miranda is likely to get bored and move on.

But after a minute passes your little girl's soft delicate fingers are still gingerly probing your pussy. Being generally worked up as you are isn't helping things, and her gentle innocent touch is teasing you to no end. When Miri's digits gradually push between your labia your body can't help itself; your knees bend slightly, lowering yourself onto her fingers by at most an inch. She pauses for a second then starts gliding back and forth, front to back, between your clit and your vagina.

You're losing focus on breakfast, but you're too horny to care. With Miri separating your lips you can feel as a drop of pussy juice dribbles down your inner thigh. Are you really that wet? Because of Miranda?

This is so confusing. What should you do?

You are:
Chelsea, age 36
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