Hot and Horny/Decide to Swim

From Create Your Own Story

Since it's Saturday, Mom and Dad are at the plant nursery and will be gone for a few hours. Miranda is probably at one of her friend's house. You pull on your tiny hot pink bikini that hugs and shows your gorgeous breasts and barely covers your pussy. You exit your room and notice Josh's room is cracked. You approach his room and push the door open a little further. You hear sudden movement, and see him flip onto his side pretending to be asleep.

"Wha- huh?" Josh pretends to have just woken up.
"I'm gonna go swim in the pool for a while. It'd be more fun if you swam with me." You make puppy eyes even though Josh isnt facing you.
Josh turns to face you and reveals a slight boner. Upon seeing you in your bikini, he gets stiffer. "Uh sure. Just give me a few minutes to get changed. "
"Great! Hurry down! " You exit Josh's room wondering if Josh will finish jacking off before he comes down. You make your way out to the pool.

You decide to:

You are:
Jessica, age 21
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