Hot and Horny/ Josh, fucking and cumming inside Angie

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You have shown your own sister no mercy, you have shown Katy no mercy, why should you show this little cunt any mercy? And anyway, she's a ginger, gingers are all born fucksluts anyway. With your conscience pacified, you can get to the deed at hand: Fuck her till she can't walk anymore.

Your cock delves into her tight cunt with unrelented force, enjoying the sight of the little girl pointlessly pounding her fists on Tylor's chest as she struggled to breathe. Your black teammate and you begin to pound her mercilessly, just like the other two girls are used right now. Damn, what a sight to behold.

Three underaged sluts, their holes ripped open by cocks, their mouths occupied with sucking dick. For minutes you hold Angie tightly in place, using her as a living, breathing cocksleeve, while Tylor cums after just a few minutes and covers her face in his thick cum. She cries out in disgust and begins to wail, but soon her mouth is again stuffed with cock.

Next to you Miranda is plowed into cunt and ass both and begs for more, thanking everyone for their yummy cum and for using her as a good little slut. Katy is not so much into it, but she too is moaning and grunting as her ass is getting plowed and two guys as wanking off onto her face, covering her sweet visage with thick cum.

And you too feel your orgasm approaching and with a few hard, brutal thrusts you shoot your load into the little ginger, blasting your cum directly into her womb. Hell she feels good around you.

You are:
Josh, age 15
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