Hot and Horny/ Orgy at Chads, fuck Miranda's ass raw

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You don't even know if there is some lube around and you don't want to wait, you're just too hungry for some underage ass on your cock. Deciding to fuck her raw, you push your hip forward, pressing your cock against Miranda's back entrance. And damn is she tight!

Your little sister becomes squeemish under the onslaught on her ass, her whole body becoming tense. There is a second of fighting back, revolting against her role as three-hole-slut, but what choice does she have? One cock is positioned deep in her mouth and throat, fucking her face hard and relentless, while a second cock is ramming her little cunt so hard it's unnatural. And now you are about to spear into her secret back-entrance, forcing your raging hard on into into her so far virginal pucker.

Around you smart phones are pulled out and photos and perhaps even videos are made, as you grunt heavily and force your cock into your tiny sister asshole. And if you had thought her cunt was tight, her ass is even more so. Still, she is warm and feels incredibly good around your cock, as if her whole body was just made to be fucked hard and rough. You grab one of her arms and begin to move in a steady, strong rythm, fucking her ass without remorse, plunging your cock into her without mercy, holding nothing back.

"Look at Josh go at the little slut!"

"Yeaaahh!! Fuck the bitch!!!"

Apparently the guy pumping her mouth is about to cum and suddenly pulls out, then shooting his load all over her face. Miranda yelps in surprise and pain, but she even manages to moan: "Thank you for -aaaaaahh- the yummy cum. Unf! AGH!!"

Relentlessly you fuck her ass, with every thrust you push your entire length into her too tiny asshole up to the balls, filling her shitter to the brim. Your partner, the other one still fucking her, has the same rythm as you and together you seem to fuck Miranda into some kind of delirium, you actually fuck her brains out. Suddenly John is there, his smart phone in hand, kneeling in front of Miranda, filming her cum covered face converting in pleasure and pain.

"Do you like getting fucked in your holes cum-slut?", he asks her, grinning evilly.

"Uh-hu!", your sister moans in response, it's not like she can say much more now.

"Say that you're a dirty girl who loves her holes rammed by huge cocks. Say that you love cum."

"I lo-AAAGHH- I love cum!!", she then yells right as you once again force your entire length into her asshole. Together with your teammates you are actually turning Miranda into a little, underaged fuck-toy, into a willing, submitting slut who loves to fuck and suck and swallow gallons of cum. "I love cum!!! I love fucking!!! I'm a slut!! I love cum!!!"

That is too much. Her tight ass, the heat of her body, her voice proclaiming how much of a fuckslut she is, that drives you over the edge. You feel the familiar tingling in your balls, ready to unleash your baby batter once more. And you can feelt that it will be a lot.

You are:
Josh, age 15
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