How I Became A Necromancer

From Create Your Own Story

Right now you sit before the Mage High Council,accused of one of the greatest crimes of this world....and not unrightfully so...

The voice of the Grand Mage echoes within the room. "You have been found guilty of the crime of necromancy, an inexcusable offence within the laws of our land and council, one that profanes our fallen and sullies the names of our living brethren. For this you are sentenced to death."

With your impending fate in mind you think back to the time when you were a simple mage apprentice, eager to learn all things arcane. You were found to have magical prowess when you were quite young and were ushered off to the college of magi to learn to use your talents for the betterment of mankind.

At first you could do little more then create puffs of smoke and attempting more on your own succeded only in catching your own hair alight. Your peers were no better and you all spent years learning to control your own abilities effectively. When you reached your teenage years you had become quite capable in all the basics of magery and your mentors began allowing you and your peers the opportunity to select your own paths of advancement. Some chose to become specialists in the techniques of war- Fireballs of unrivaled might and the like. Others became healers tending to the sick and wounded. While still others learned to create items from thin air and enchant them with powerful abilities. Some became spacial mages and learned to spurn the boundaries of distance with flight,teleportation, and communication over large distances. More eccentric spellcasters decided to become mystics in tune with the very essense of magic within the world. Finally a few decided to be generalists, learning what arts they pleased.

You decided to:

Learn the most prevalent ways to destroy your enemies

Become a healing specialist

Perfect your enchanting skills

Learn the ways of the spacial mages

Uncover the secrets of mysticism

Generalize your skillset

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