If Everything Went Smoothly

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If Everything Went Smoothly

Sansa and Joffrey

Sansa was giddy with joy as the men carried her to her wedding bed, naked as the day she was born. Most women hated the bedding ceremony, with any perverted hedge knight getting a squeeze or two of royalty. While Sansa certainly didn't enjoy the gropes, and there were plenty, she was too elated to care. She was married to King Joffrey, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm.

She squeeled as another knight palmed her bum, and let out another as she was tossed onto the luxurious bed. Her king was soon in the room, angrily shooing the guests from the room. His crown glistened in the candlelight, and it truly made Sansa feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

"Damned Peasants," Joffrey growled, unlacing his dress shirt and letting it fall to the ground. Sansa knew he hadn't wanted the bedding to happen in the first place, but Lord Tywin had insisted. While she could only guess at his political motivations, she had felt his eyes on her.

"Yes, traitors all of them," Sansa purred, rolling onto her back and facing her husband.

"Are you mocking me?" Joffrey asked, half joking and half accusatory.

"Of course not," Sansa soothed, locking eyes with him. "Your the king, and I your Queen. In the morning you can hang them all. But right now you have more important matters to attend to." Spreading her legs, Sansa revieled her flower to him. The seductive words were still alien to her, but her handmaiden Shae had taught her well. The words definitely had an effect on the monarch, as when he dropped his pants, his member was as hard as the iron throne.

"Your right," Joffrey agreed, slowly approaching his bride. "Why talk of peasants when I have a Princess all to my self."

"Queen," Sansa corrected, sitting up and kissing her groom on the lips, savoring his taste.

"Queen," Joffrey agreed when they separated. Roughly, he pushed her down on the bed, her breasts jiggling with the impact. "I love your red hair. It's so bright and royal, and much better than the drab browns on most northerners." He lined his dick up with Sansa's virgin hole, the inflamed lips dripping with arousal. "But your not a northerner anymore, are you. Your a Lannister. Your mine!"

Without warning, Joffrey plunged into his wife, ripping past her hymen. Sansa let out a cry of pain, and before she had time to recover Joffrey pulled out and thrust back in. Tears welled in her eyes, tears of both pain and joy. She held them in, not wanting to upset her King.

"It's okay, my love," Joffrey said, burying himself to the hilt. "Let it out. I want to see all of you." Sansa smiled, letting the tears run down her cheeks. This seemed to turn her husband on even more, as he began roughly pounding in to her. She was still uncomfortable, each thrust a stab to her injured pussy. Still, she had been warned about this, and soon, just as they had said, the pain became mixed with pleasure. It was in this state of pain and pleasure that Sansa came, moaning as she did.

"Beg for it," Joffrey commanded, close to his climax. Sansa tried to oblige, but was to exhausted to do so. Regardless, Joffrey sped up his thrusts before shoving himself in balls deep. He unleashed a torrent of potent cum into her fertile womb, to Sansa's delight. Once he was finished, the King collapsed on top of his wife, falling asleep almost instantly.

"Goodnight, my love," Sansa whispered, wrapping her arms around her husband, going to sleep happier than she had ever felt.

Arya and Tommen

Arya raced up the stairs of the Tower of the Hand, pulling Tommen behind her.

"Shouldn't we be going to my chambers?" Tommen asked, barely keeping up with his athletic new wife.

"Don't worry," Arya replied, giggling, "We're almost there!" Nymeria barked in approval, the huge direwolf bounding up the steps behind the newlyweds. Reaching the top, Arya pulled her husband up onto the roof, where guards usually patrolled. However, there were no guards on duty tonight, and looking up one could see the beautiful night sky.

"Why are we up here," Tommen complained, already tired from the run up the steps, "I thought we were going to... y'know..."

"Tonight's my wedding night," Arya said softly, looking up, "And I wanna spend it under the stars." Arya pulled at the strings of her stupid dress, trying to get it off. She laughed when she thought of the night in the hall, who had tried to start her "bedding ceremony." He almost pissed himself by the time Arya was done yelling. No, she would undress on her terms. Closing her eyes, she let her dress drop to the ground, her bare skin exposed to the night air. Always the helpful companion, Nymeria grabbed her elegant lace smallclothes in her teeth and ripped them off, exposing her whole body to the moonlight.

"Thanks girl," Arya laughed, petting her friend behind the ear, "Now go and guard the stairs. Don't need some peeping guard to ruin my night."

As Nymeria runs to the stairs, Arya sees Tommen fumbling with his clothes. His shirt is off, but he can't seem to undo the knot of his breeches. Oh, her poor husband, Arya thought with a chuckle.

"Lie down," Arya commanded, slowly walking toward her beloved. Tommen was about to say something back, but the sight of Arya's nude form, barely illuminated by the night sky, silenced all protest. He laid down on the hard stone as his wife apprroached him, staring down at him seductively. Kneeling down she tore off the string and opened his breeches, freeing his cock. It was much bigger than Arya expected, considering how scrawny the boy was, but it was a nice surprise.

"I never thought I would like being married," Arya confessed, kneeling over Tommen's cock, the head just brushing her folds. "When they said I had to marry you, Joffrey's brother, I was mortified. I thought about running away." Slowly, she sank down his length, enjoying every second of it. "But then I met you. Your...oh... your not like the others. You...You would never try and...mmmm... try and control me." With every inch now inside the Stark girl, she bend at the waist, bringing her face close to her prince's.

"You'd let me be free."

With that, the two enveloped each other in a kiss, a fierce, passionate kiss. Tommen was so involved in the kiss, so deeply in love with his new wife, that he didn't even notice Arya's lack of hymen.

The two kissed for what seemed like hours before Arya finally broke it, grinning wildly. "Okay, enough with the romantic shit," she quiped, sitting up. "I want all of King's Landing to hear me scream." With that, she began bouncing on Tommen's cock. Her breasts jiggled as she rode the Prince, her nipples hard in the cold open air. Tommen took the hint and began thrusting up to meet her. It took them a while to get the timing right, but soon they found a rhythm. Arya's moans grew louder and lourder as the two lovers began to speed up

Arya was no weakling, but she was getting tired of doing most of the work. "Your turn," she teased, climbing off her husbands dick. Tommen was a bit dissappointed, that is, he was before he looked up. Never before had he seen anything sexier. Arya Stark was on all fours in front of him, her ass raised.

"You gonna put it in or what?" The she-wolf asked impatiently, wiggling her ass back and forth. Tommen scrambled to get up, climbing out of his breeches and getting behind his wife. Pressing into her, Tommen thrust in, splitting her folds with his cock.

"Oh fuck yes, baby," Arya groaned, losing herself in the pleasure. The stones were rough on her elbows and knees, and she knew she'd be sore, but that only made it hotter.

Tommen was so caught up in the moment that he forgot how shy he was and, on an impulse, brought his hand down hard on Arya's ass. She screamed in surprise and pain, causing Tommen to stop moving. They were both silent for a moment.

"You better fucking do that again," Arya growled, and Tommen complied, striking her over and over. He fulfilled Arya's wish; soon her screams were echoing across the city.

With one final thrust, Tommen came inside his wife, emptying his balls. The warm feeling inside her pushed Arya over the edge, and soon she orgasmed as well, squirting all over his cock. Nymeria howled as the lovers came, and somehow Arya knew she was with child.

But she didn't care. Pulling Tommen to the ground, she kissed him with all her remaining energy, before they both drifted to sleep. Nymeria walked over and lay next to them, keeping the naked pair safe and warm.

Bran and Myrcella

Bran chased his wife up the stairs to his room, following the procession of knights and lords. Bran was lucky to even have legs, or to be alive at all! When climbing in Winterfell, Bran had suffered a fall. While he lost his memories of that day, he miraculously kept both his legs and his life.

But that was all behind him now. Currently, it was Bran's new wife that concerned him. Soon, they were both inside his chambers, and Bran got his first look of his nude bride. Myrcella had lost all her clothes during the bedding, and stood proudly in the center of the room. Her skin was flawless, her golden locks falling down her back. But it was her smile that drew Bran's eye. Her infectious, carefree, perfect smile.

"Alright, let's give the kids some room!" Mace Tyrell, who was obviously drunk, yelled, motioning for everyone to leave. Soon, it was just the two of them, and Bran was at a loss for words.

"Your shorter than I thought you'd be," Myrcella said matter of factly, turning and walking toward the table.

"What?" Bran asked, caught off guard.

"Well, the first time we met was when we were saying our vows. I'm just saying I thought you would be taller. I thought all northern men were tall." It was true, this really was the first real conversation they'd ever had. Bran hoped she wasn't disappointed.

"Well, some northern men are tall. Some aren't," Bran said lamely, not sure what to say to such a beautiful girl.

"Interesting," Myrcella said, pouring herself a glass of wine. He skin was tan, as she'd just got back from Dorne, and it shone in the candlelight. "Sit on the bed." The command surprised Bran, so much so that he followed it without question. Turning to face him, Myrcella had the face of a predator, and Bran was her prey.

"I learned a lot in Dorne," Mycella said seductively, taking a sip of wine. "They taught me all about the art of pleasure. How to please a man." Bran's eyes widened. "If you were hoping for a virgin, doe-eyed bride, I'm sorry to disappoint you."

"N-n-n-no, no, you could never be... dissappointing," Bran stuttered as Myrcella drew closer.

"That's good," Myrcella purred, sipping her wine, "Because I think we're gonna have a lot of fun together." Now standing inches from Bran, she handed him the wine glass. "Drink."

Bran again did so without hesitation, grabbing the goblet and taking a large sip. It was a Dornish Red, and made Bran's head spin. A bit dizzy, Bran almost didn't notice his pants being unlaced. Before he could protest, his erect member was out in the open.

"Tyene showed me how to do this," Myrcella teased, kissing the head before wrapping her lips around it. Bran moaned, taking another sip of wine as Myrcella went to work. She was an expert, bobbing her head up and down his shaft. Bran almost came then and there, but he knew he had to save it for her fertile womb. The Lannister princess didn't make it easy, deep throating his cock and massaging his balls. By the time she pulled off, Bran was barely holding on.

"Now it's your turn," Myrcella whispered, grabbing the wine glass and climbing onto the bed. Smiling, she laid on her back and spread her legs. Her slit was immaculate, a tight little pink flower. Seductively, she poured some of the wine down her stomach, the sweet liquid pooling in her pussy. "Come and get it."

Bran didn't need to be told twice. He had heard about this sort of thing from Theon, and roughly knew what to do. Diving his tongue inside her, he drank the mix of alcohol and arousal. The princess' body shook as Bran lapped away, savoring every drop. He quickly learned she liked it when he sucked on her clit, and soon she was wild with lust.

"Lower, Bran," she murmured, pushing his head down. Bran was confused, but complied, only to find he was face to face with his wife's puckered little asshole. Wordlessly, Myrcella poured some more wine down her body, the red nectar flowing down her crack and soaking her tightest hole. Bran got the hint and, to aroused to care, began eating her ass. He pushed his tongue in and out, eliciting moans from his wife. The alcohol was making them both drunker, and they both knew they needed more. Standing up, Bran lined his cock up with her wet pussy.

"No, no," Myrcella groaned, locking eyes with Bran, "The other one."

"But I -" Bran began, but was interrupted.

"There will be other times to make children. Right now I want you to fuck me in the ass!" Bran couldn't say no to that, and thrust into his wife's tightest hole. She screamed as he penetrated her, spilling the rest of the wine all over her breasts. Still fucking her ass, Bran leaned forward and drank it off her chest.

This was the last straw for Myrcella, and she came, squirting all over Bran's chest. Bran lasted quite a while longer, bringing his wife to a second orgasm before he deposited his seed deep in her ass. His cream filled her insides, some overflowing and dripping onto the bed. Pulling out with a pop, Bran collapsed onto the bed.

"You'll do," Myrcella muttered as the pair fell asleep, both dreaming of what round two would be like.

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