Ignore it and keep driving

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Clothed and crazy hot

The heat and the sweat clinging to your body are unbearable, but you continue on anyway ignoring your body's warning signs. A little dehydration kicks in and you lose it. You pull over, strip every last piece of clothing off yourself and throw it out the window. You drive off who knows where. Your friends look for you and they finally find you. You're buck naked at a fast food restaturant fucking the plastic mascot. They bring you home and take care of you. You even return mostly to normal after therapy except one thing: you have an extreme case of vestiphobia and panic if someone tries to make you wear so much as a sock. Luckily you have supportive friends who do your shopping and errands for you. You're amazed how much money you're saving by not buying or washing clothes. Your neighbors understand why there's a naked lady getting her mail and doing yard work. And they try not to call attention to it though the men can't help but be "conspicuous". Even work has allows you to come back and allowed an exception in their professional dress code for you. The employees treat you with respect. In fact, the guys have never been nicer to you. They always say hello and visit your cube many times during the day. Even the boss seems to notice you more.

The End


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