In the middle

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1st September 2015

Ferb walked over to the middle section and casually took a seat behind some girls who seemed familiar. He noticed the orange t shirts and brown skirts. Ferb was sitting with the fire side girls. Just my luck he thought. Wherever those girls were, Isabella was bound to be.

Ferb sat on his own behind them. As the bus stopped at the next stop, someone came on and it was not so he expected.

A girl walks in. Ferb watched as the girl flicked her shoulder length hair over her shoulder. She wore a tight pink dress that outline her large breast perfectly. It seemed her breasts were straining against her dress. Even with her pink bow in her hair Ferb didn't realise it was Isabella until she was sitting next to him. They only thought in his mind was how hot she was. Her dress was showing cleavage and its short length only made her look like a tease.

This made Ferb annoyed. Isabella was practically silently flirting with other guys and Phineas wasn't here to see it. And Phineas wouldn't take Ferb's word for it.

Ferb knew he had English as his first lesson, which was boring. The teacher didn't teach anything. Should be skip it?

Yes, skip English

No, don't skip English

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