Jerk off to Maddi masturbating

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You can't handle yourself anymore and you pull down your own pants, wrap Maddi's panties around your dick, and you start furiously masturbating.

In the video, Maddi is slowly fingering herself with very light moans. She's wearing blue jeans and a thin white shirt that can be seen through ever-so-slightly - enough for you to know she isn't wearing a bra. She starts to speed up her masturbating and she uses her other hand to grab her breast over her shirt. She keeps going and you're almost to the point of exploding. Maddi starts to stop and she slides her jeans off, revealing a pair of white panties that are drenched. She stands up and slides her panties off, while bending over, giving you a direct shot of her luscious, round ass. This sends you overboard and you cum harder than you ever have all in Maddi's panties.

Not even 10 seconds later you hear footsteps. You pull your pants up and throw Maddi's cumsoaked panties into a corner of the room. The door starts to open and Maddi walks in. She's wearing a jersey of your favorite sports team and a tight pair of yoga pants.

Embrace Maddi

Try to explain yourself as best as you can

Pull your pants back down

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