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Status: Naked & Relaxing

"Get me something cold," you say, sitting on one of the benches. "It's boiling out here."

The three guys cheer, as one reaches into a cooler and tosses you a beer can.

As you remove your arms from your chest to open the can, your breasts bob to the surface, your erect nipples peeking just over the water line. You blush again, and push your breasts down with one arm.

Across from you, the guy says "How rude of us to our new guest, making her feel so out of place. Please forgive us." He reaches under the water, and a few seconds later pulls out his bathing suit, and throws it our of the tub.

The guys on either side of you nod in agreement, and both pull off their suits.

You take a swig of beer. Introductions are made, and small talk commences.

You've finished your beer, and you really need another. You scoot over towards the cooler, and reach over the guy next to you, but you can't quite reach it. Your belly brushes his erection.

You stand in the middle, face him, and then then kneel over him, reaching for the cooler. His erection brushes your labia.

He grabs you firmly, and directs you to recline against the opposite side of the tub. After a few missed thrusts, he enters you.

Another sits on the side of the tub next to you, his cock waving in your direction. Your grab it, caressing and licking the tip.

The third wraps his legs around your chest, directing his member between your large breasts, which he proceeds to mash together.

The four of you thrust haphazardly at first, and as you take the cock in front of you into your mouth, you sync into a rhythm.

As the water is churned more and more violently, one by one, each of the guys blows his load on and in you.

You all sink into the calming water, panting. You reach into the cooler for the beer, open it, and take a sip, spitting the first mouthful out. You then take a long drink.

You recover somewhat, and step carefully out of the water.

"Can I borrow one of those towels?" you ask, pointing to the nearby deck chairs.

Gasping, one of the guys nods silently.

You wrap yourself in the towel, blow them all kisses, and head out the gate.

You reach deep into your mailbox for the hide-a-key taped to the inside, and use it to let yourself in.

Once inside, you remember again why you wanted out in the first place, as the heat hits your like a slap.

Do you:

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