Jump forward 16 years

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You lie dormant for many years, influencing Evelyn’s development only slightly. You take her extra testosterone and boost production of it into overdrive, causing her muscles to grow big and strong and making her more dominant and aggressive. In addition, her breasts are smaller and her dick is large; at 10 inches, she has a cock most boys her age joke about having.

Her aggressiveness causes her to repeatedly get into fights with anyone bold enough to boast and she tends to be intimidating to most girls. Especially Emily, who has grown more submissive as a result of living around her. To curb Evelyn’s belligerence, Jessica signs her up for school sports and she quickly rises to captain of the girls’ wrestling team and the weightlifting club.

You decide to slowly erode her control until she reaches the age of 16, where you finally gain full dominance of her body. It’s wrestling practice and you finish a match with one of the girls by picking her up and slamming her to the mat with a thud. She grunts loud and gasps for breath, only moving very slowly.

“Anyone else?” You turn to the team, who all shake their heads. “Alright then, girls. Today, we learned a valuable lesson about what happens when we gloat. Back to training!”

With that, they spread out to practice with each other, except for Dana, who shuffles slowly to the bench to recover from your beating. Even when you didn’t have complete domination of her, your small influence was enough to make Evelyn a real hard ass on the rest of the team. It was effective, however, as they’ve quickly risen to become among the best in the state.

You look around and think about how you can have fun with this body, now that it’s fully yours. The option that immediately comes to your mind is Dana, since she’s one of the toughest girls on the team and has an attitude that could make an erotic wrestling match fun. Alternatively you could look to the rest of the team; there’s some good meat among them.

Practice is drawing to a close as well, so you could prowl around the rest of the school for something fun. There’s also the city, plenty to do out there. Or you could just go home, rest up for tomorrow.

You are possessing:
Teen, Athletic Hermaphrodite
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