Keep finger fucking her till she comes

From Create Your Own Story

This sexy older woman has given in to your harsh advances, her body betraying her when her mind was against it. The need in her voice when she asked you not to stop almost made you cum. You grin while sucking hard on her nipple.

The squishing sounds of your fingers quickly thrusting in and out of Mrs. Cooper's sloppy wet snatch as well as her erotic moans are music to your ears. You want to hear her release. You press harder on her clit with your thumb as you speed up the fucking of her cunt with your digits. You switch back to the first breast, sucking, teasing and biting her nipple.

Mrs. Cooper's groans get louder and more urgent, coming to a crescendo and changing into a shriek of delight, as she loses herself into a powerful orgasm. Her back arches and her hips lift off the couch. You can feel her pussy grabbing at your fingers. She pushes herself into your hand, trying to get more inside her. After nearly a minute of wild thrashing and high-pitched moans, her body settles down from its peak.

"Oh, you made me come so hard with just your mouth and fingers," she says breathlessly.

Do you:

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