Keep licking until she orgasms

From Create Your Own Story

Lou slipped his tongue between Claudia's folds and brushed her clit with a fingertip. He wanted to taste her cum.

Claudia, mind in a haze, body shuddering, wrapped her legs around Lou's face and violently climaxed. She blacked out momentarily as the sensations washed through her body.

Lou gulped down her nectar, then freed her legs from around him. He waited a moment for her to recover.

"Oh my god," Claudia whispered. "What was that?"

"You came, sweetie," Lou replied.

"No one's ever made me feel that good," Claudia murmured.

Lou removed her blindfold and looked Claudia in the eyes. "What should we do next, sweetie?"

Claudia was entranced by those eyes and his sexual skills. She would do anything he asked of her.

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