Keep sucking on Becky's breast while you slip your hand from her butt to her pussy

From Create Your Own Story

You put your mouth to use on her nipple, suckling and using your tongue to tease the tip. You slide your hand between Becky's legs as you do so. Her box is already starting to leak fluids.

You lube your fingers with her juices, then slide two of them into Becky's pussy. She moans and squirms as you first pump her, then start scissoring your fingers inside her.

You hold her firmly against you and work your fingers until you feel her climax. She lets out a lustful scream as her pussy spasms and her nectar gushes over your hand and onto your thigh.

You withdraw your fingers and lick her honey off them. "Tasty."

She takes a moment to recover. "That was awesome. How would you like me to reciprocate?"

Health Horny Location:

Your Apartment

MP 0
Level 1
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