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Ring Ring.

"Good morning Agent." "In 2011 you discovered the monarchy of the enemy, the muscle of the car, the engine of the plane." "Yet you blew the chance to get rid of it." "You missed your chance. You, Agent Kemp."

"We must know that you’re still the best." "We should already, but we need confirmation." "The reason why we contacted you is simple." "We need you to attempt to bring down the forces that harm our nation." "If you do this, you will be a national hero." "If you fail, well you know what happens." "You will be issued American Military support and firearms." "Your location must be confidential; all travels made must be kept secret." "No-one should know what’s happening, besides you and us."

"Outside, a black SUV would have just parked into your driveway." "Open your garage door and let the SUV in." "They will let you know all the intel on what’s going down." "Out."

Health 100 Equipment:

Keys, Mobile Phone, Wallet

MP 100
Level 100
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