Kindly Ask Mr. Lodge to Join

From Create Your Own Story

"Mr. Lodge, lend a Hand, sir?", you give the puppy-dog eyes. "Sorry Arch...Full House" say's Mr. Lodge, pushing you out the door. A thought comes to your mind, "Mr. Lodge, I'm gonna be on the guest-list for your little party from now on or Veronica is gonna find out, so Deal?"

What soon follow is a unbelievable, the loinclothed Mr Lodge strips Archie down and throws him into the Orgy. Every fantasy he's ever had comes to life as he slips his hard cock is sucked by Dilton, Chuck biting passionately into your neck, Jason mouth-fucking your warm mouth and a savage Reggie pounding your ass into submission.

The next four hours you are passed around like a rag-doll, the smell of cum is near over-powering. You awake your body stiff, aching and your mind clouded: your only thought 'At least I've got a week to recover, same time next week?'


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