Krime or Kop King

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I can't make a status thing, and i'm also very lazy. So, I will only show health and mana and stuff when it matters. Now we go to the actual story.


This is a story about two rival factions, the K.R.I.M.E. (Kingdom of Rypion Imperial Major Endormanauts), the rebels, and the K.O.P.S. (Kingdom Otorek Princes' Strikers), the reigning High King's personal army.

First things first, the reason. The High King outlawed the study of conjuring spells, as he was a very holy man who hated all undead and creatures of the lower planes. (Background info, he hated them because he was cursed by a vampire demon hybrid [sometimes called "The Grand Hellborn" by other demons and vampires alike] that was almost invincable due to cold resistence from vampirism and fire resistance from his demonic blood. The combined vampire speed and demon strength and thick, armor-like demon hide). This angered the nation of Rypion, as this was their army's main force was conjurers. They were not dumb enough to openly assault the High King, so they summoned powerful demons to attack his castle. They failed repeatedly because the king was a skilled spellsword and priest, using a longsword made of enchanted Dragonblood-infused silver, powerful ice magic (fire in the case of vampires), and holy banishments against every demon they sent. One day they got lucky and sent Demoraey (the demon that cursed the king) during a public event. The High King went into a rage, throwing everything he had at Demoraey. He was quickly drained of magic, and before he died, he gave his sword to the youngest of his seven sons. His 7th son, only ten years of age, was so saddened and enfuriated by the death of his father, that he called out a word, "Haerosanton", a magic word unuttered by humans or elves alike, that meant "Fury" in demonic. Demonic is the most powerful, dangerous, costly, and unpredictable of all magics. Everyone was shocked by the spell itself, and even more so by the effects of it. Demoraey is either banished or vaporized, and everyone is terrified of the prince, even the prince himself. Demonic is supposed to only be usable by experienced mages and actual demons, and only safely by the latter. Whispers of possesion run through the crowd as the prince collapses. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

So, whose side are you on?:




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