Lean in and sigh

From Create Your Own Story

You are so lovestruck by Derek's strong arm that you let out a puppy-like whimper.

DID I JUST MAKE A DOG NOISE?! you thought to yourself, embarrassed.

“Hehe” Derek's chuckles “my dog makes that same sound when he gets to sit in my lap”. He then scratches behind your ears. “Come on buddy, bark for me,” he says playfully.

You lose yourself in the moment and let out a loud BARK.

“Hahaha,” Derek laughs out loud. “Wow, did not think you'd do that.”

You look around and see some people looking over at you. Derek keeps his hand by you ear and slowly rubs it.

After several more blocks of walking and ear-rubbing, you get to the mall.

“So Jer, Where do you want to go?”

You decide to:

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