Leaving/Janet/Rest with Sonya

From Create Your Own Story

You don't have any questions that can't wait, and you do feel tired. Perhaps the bit of the knockout drug you did breathe in earlier is still bugging you a bit.

"Sleep sounds good," you murmur.

You fade into darkness a few minutes later.

When you wake, Sonya is standing by the side of the bed. You wonder how long she's been up. She points out an alcove you didn't see last night, containing a bathroom with all the necessities. After you do your waking-up routine, she steps in and makes up your face just the way she wants it.

"You look very pretty," she says. Looking at your reflection in the mirror, you agree. "What girl name are you using?"

"I've been going by Janet."

She pauses for a moment. "I like that name. Janet it will be." She presses against you from behind and you feel something hard poke against your bumhole. It's only then you realize she's wearing a strap-on. "Do you need a meal before I fuck you on the bed, Janet?"

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