Leaving/Janet/Stay down/Sell

From Create Your Own Story

You decide you'd better let them know exactly what they're selling. If they think you have a vagina and sell you under those pretenses, it could be bad for both them and you.

You try to talk, and they notice right away. They also notice that you're not trying to scream, but have a normal conversation.

The one in charge pulls the tape off your mouth. "Something we should know?"

"A couple of somethings, actually. One, I was planning to leave anyway. Two, I am a girl, but I'm still in a boy's body."

"H'mmmm. Let me think." He paces around for a good minute. "Ah! I know the perfect place for you."

Since it's clear you're going to cooperate, they don't put you in the trunk, just in the back seat. About an hour later, he pulls up in a driveway of a mansion. There's an exchange of money, your bindings are removed, and you're handed over to a tall woman. She escorts you inside and takes you to a huge bedroom, where she puts a padded collar around your neck. The long leash attached to the collar leaves you considerable freedom of movement. It is attached to a steel ring in the wall.

"I'm Sonya," your new owner tells you. "It's hard to find a trans girl for sale. You'll sleep in here with me. Do you have any questions, or would you like to sleep now?"

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