Let Peggy ride your stiff pole

From Create Your Own Story

"Climb on for the ride, hon," you suggest.

Peggy gives you a grin. "Thanks, Ty. Don't mind if I do."

With that, she lifts herself upwards enough to get her pussy above your rod, then drops down onto it. She gives you a playful squeeze with her internal muscles and starts bouncing on you.

You reach your hands up and grope her fleshy ass. She giggles and leans her torso downwards. You suckle her plump breasts as she happily rides you.

By the time she extracts your cum, she's climaxed about eight times. She slides off you and pulls you against her. "I needed that."

It's about 7 a.m. by now. Peggy's eyes close, her satisfied grin still on her face.

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