Let him untie you

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Naked & Bound

You ask him to untie you.

Before you know what's happened. you're pressed up against the side of his truck, with his body on top of yours. His hands are reaching around, fumbling at the knot of the belt, but doing a lot of ass grabbing as well. The smell of him fills your nostrils.

You start to complain, but he shushes you. "Almost got it, don't squirm quite so much."

You feel his cock grow in his bathing suit, and then suddenly, it's poking out the leg hole. He maneuvers until it squeezes between your thighs, rubbing up against your clit. You gasp at the sudden stimulation, but he thrusts vigorously until he cums.

After he can stand straight again, he unties your knot, and collects himself.

You rub your wrists and push out of his way.


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