Let your own eyes close and sleep in Peggy's arms

From Create Your Own Story

You are drained form the sex. You let yourself drift off.

You stir slowly to life when you hear Peggy get off the bed. She returns in a couple of minutes. You blink your eyes fully open, do your waking-up routine and return to the bed as well.

It's 3:22 p.m. Peggy gives you a smile. "I liked waking up with you next to me, Ty. Want to stick around? After my shift is over, you can rejoin me in the bed and we can have more fun."

"And how should I entertain myself in the meantime?"

"There's a computer, a TV and a gaming system in the living room. And movies, plus a DVD player."

You pause, thinking.

Peggy bends over and shakes her bare ass at you. "Please? I really liked what we did last night."

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