Let yourself pass out next to the catgirl

From Create Your Own Story

You let your eyes slam shut.

When you wake, there's a note on the end table.

I'm at work, but I'm thinking about you, my sweet pet. Be ready to be used when I get home.

You like the sound of that. You eat, read, and rest. When the catgirl gets home, she pins you to bed, rides you until she climaxes twice, then sucks your cock until your balls are empty.

"If this is how you act every day, I'm extremely happy to be yours," you tell her.

"My sweet toy," she purrs, holding you. "Yes, I will use that handsome body of yours every evening."

She does. You always let her know how much you appreciate it.


Furry Status
Health 100 Equipment:


Gender Male
Species Human
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