Literally fuck them, prove him right be the whore you are in your heart

From Create Your Own Story

You grab the teacher that just spoke by his necktie, and kiss him ferociously. He gasps in surprise, as you also go to grab his dick. You call feel it straining in his pants. The male teacher tries to object, but eventually gives up. You push him onto the table, and start riding him like a cowgirl. The other teachers are looking at you in awe. At first the teacher under doesn’t move, but after a few minutes of teasing, he grabs your hips and starts to fuck you. He cums in your pussy, and you look to the other teachers. “Well, does anyone else want to release some stress?” Five teachers come to you immediately, and begin using your body. By the time the bell rings, and the last teacher has cummed in you, you try and stand up. You are literally wearing cum, as there is also cum dripping out of you.

What should you do?

Go to the cheerleaders

Go to the jocks

Go Home

Requirements: This is a story about a young girl written in second person.

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