Little Sister, Penelope

From Create Your Own Story

"Big bro?"

You froze midsniff. As your mind regsintered that someone had indeed spoken to you, you're frozen state ended, replaced with panic as you spun around to engage the threat.

In the doorway, standing with a confused expression on her face and wearing her usual crop top jeans combo was your little sister, Penelope Woods. Aged 18, Penelope was the mascot of the family, being both childishly cute and ridiculously naive. Her body, on the other hand, was the exact opposite, a seductive hourglass with DD breasts and an ass that had a mind of its own, constantly seducing any who stared at it. More than once you've dreamt of this sister, which is why you chose her room for your, ahem, manly needs. It looks like all that will end today. That, and your life.

"Hi, Penny" You say, nervousness filling your voice as you slip the panty behind your back. "What are you doing here?"

Penelope tilted her head, a stray lock of brown hair spilling across her chest, which you were doing your best not to stare at. "Its my room?"

Shit, I'm in her room Somehow, in the span of two seconds, you've forgotten your current location. Remembering it brought back your panic. How do I get out of this?

"Big bro?" While you tried to think of an escape route, Penelope stepped into the room. "Why are you in my room? Are you hiding something behind your back?"

Why is she suddenly perceptive!

"Its nothing. My backs just itchy" You said, feigning the action. Your panic grew as Penelope walked closer to you, each step on her carpeted floor sounding like judgement to you. "As for why I'm in your room...I got lost?"

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