MMIAS - Wait To Get Release, So You Can Fill Erin Up

From Create Your Own Story

A small bit of your mind is still not overwhelmed with lust. You want to be able to fuck Erin, too.

She figures that out quickly. She keeps her hand on your cock, but doesn't stroke you. She speeds her thrusting and in moments, she's filling your ass with thick, creamy jets of spunk.

When she finishes, she pulls out and hands you the lube. You lube her butt crack and your cock, then bend her over and ease your way in. She moans with pleasure as you start gently plowing her rump.

You reach around to cup and tease her breasts. She presses backwards, trying to get you as deep as possible. It doesn't take long before you blast into her.

The two of you clean each other up in the shower. After you dry off, she invites you to spend the night with her in her bed.

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