Male Gym teacher Jesica has medical issue ending

From Create Your Own Story

"What wrong Jessica? You can trust me I'm a teacher and your friend" you tell her to comfort her "I'm here for you"

She takes a deep breath "ok um I'm having an issue in a very sensitive area" she pulls her pants and panties down, as soon as she does you smell a foul odor, and sits on your desk. "I'm sorry I know that doesn't smell good and it itches really bad and it drips" you take a look she has a rash around her groin region and you notice a discharge. She more than likely has a yeast infection you call up to the office and Jessica's mom picks her up and takes her to a doctor. It was an infection and she was able to get treatment however Jessica's mom thinks she got it from sex and had her transferred to an all girls school ran by nuns

End game over Try again

Status Bar
Health 100 Equipment:

Whistle, shorts, t-shirt, trainers

Status Sad
Gender Male
Social Group Gym Teacher
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