New Girl(h)

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You are Becca Smith. You've recently moved to a new town, new school. You wake up in your bed wearing your usual nighttime attire, a sleep shirt and simple pair of panties. A new day a fresh start. You're a junior in high school your family had to move, again, and today is the first day at your new school. You have attractive build, you're curvy with d size breasts. You are like most girls except you have a penis. You have a vagina too. You were born with both sets of sexual organs and from what you can tell they both work like they should, your penis gets hard you can ejaculate from it, and your vagina menstruates and gets wet when you're aroused. You started developing breasts and mostly female characteristics and despite having a functional penis you end up mostly identifying as being a girl. You are embarrassed at times about your situation, very few people outside your family actually know, most just assume you're a normal girl, and that's how you prefer it. You do have a condition you need to be mindful of. If you get and erection you need to ejaculate, failure to do so causes an extremely painful backup which can be very debilitating.

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Health 100 Equipment:

Sleeping shirt, panties

Status Groggy
Gender Hermaphrodite
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