No way! You could never go outside naked!

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Naked & Relaxing

Despite the heat, your body has a slight shiver as you think of the consequences of getting caught outside naked.

You pour yourself a cold drink, and head to the couch to watch some TV. A lazy thought crosses your mind about maybe getting dressed, but you are getting hotter by the minute. Despite having all the windows open, that breeze just doesn't want to come into your house.

About halfway through some mindless soap opera, the doorbell rings.

A squeal stops halfway up your throat.

"Maintenance. Heard you have a problem wit the AC. Can we come in?"

You look around desperately. Not a stitch of clothing in the living room. Not a towel, blanket, or pillow! You'd have to cross the front hallway to get to clothes, and the lock is being opened!

Do you:

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