Nobody finds them

From Create Your Own Story

Robb woke up with Sansa next to him, still sleeping. He didn't feel like he had slept for long, the exhausting sex apparently had just tired him a bit, especially after the long journey that day. He moved, waking his sister up in the process.

"You liked that, Sansa?"

She just nodded with a red face and got up. Robb helped her to put her clothes back on, stealing a few kisses on her breasts in the process. Once she was fully dressed, she hugged Robb.

"I love you Robb. I always want to be with you."

Robb hugged her back. "Don't worry, I always will." He then gave her butt a squeeze. "And we'll always be close." Sansa smiled at that.

Once they looked proper, they left the room. In the halls of the Red Keep they came across Mira Forrester, who informed them that Lady Melisandre, the King's red priestess, had invited them to join her for dinner.

Do they accept her invitation?


No, they decline her offer


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