Oliver, a naive boy from the suburbs with a position at a prestigious newspaper in Chicago

From Create Your Own Story

Originally from a suburb of Minneapolis, you, Oliver Larsen, have done very well by getting into one of the best universities in the country and are now the summer intern at 'The Chicago Daily Times' one of the best papers in the country.

Although your job typically revolves around getting coffees, printing copies, and keeping the schedule of the Daily Time's editor-in-chief, Malcolm Royce, running smoothly, you do get to do more exciting things every now and again. Last week for example, you helped the chief crime reporter research corruption in the city council. The week before that, you got to go with the culture editor to some exclusive event at the art museum, your Instagram posts from that night got you over 5 new followers. And yesterday, the sports editor took you along to interview a famous retired coach of the Bulls in his huge mansion.

Today you actually have your choice of odd jobs to do at the paper but you keep in the back of your mind that while doing one of these jobs may be exciting, making a good impression on Mr. Royce could get you a better job in the future.

You decide to:

Work with the crime reporter, John O'Ryan, on a potential prostitution scandal

Accompany the culture editor, Astrid Parker, on a behind-the-scenes look at a photography gala

Hang with the sports editor, Bill Wood

Work hard for the editor-in-chief, Malcolm Royce, in the hopes of making a good impression

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