On the Road (Path Three)

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Once on the road, the parties split up. Davos took his men and went south on the Kingsroad, to Storms End. The Tyrells also went south, to turn off at the Roseroad and return to Highgarden. Margaery and her handmaidens, Mira and Sera, were of course joining Robb on the march north, so she said very heartfelt goodbyes to her brother and father. Littlefinger went west along the goldroad, to Casterly Rock. Cersei, of course, stayed with Robb. Robb also brought Myrcella to Winterfell, considering wedding her to Bran. However, the real reason he brought her along was to hold her over Cersei, in case she got any ideas. The ironborn joined them, intending to catch a boat in Lannisport and return to the Iron Islands. Robb and Theon hugged before he left. To Robb, he was a brother and a true friend. He was sad to see him go.

That left the Starks, Aryyns, and Tullys, who joined together and marched North. They separated at Lord Harroway's town, the Robb's Aunt Lysa going to the Eyrie and Edmure going down the Riverroad to Riverrun. Alone with his countrymen, the Night's Watch, and the wildlings, Robb marched North.

Robb often shared his tent with Sansa, who came to him most nights. They made love more times then he could count, and Robb loved every minute of it. Arya slept where she pleased, and quickly earned a reputation around camp. Sometimes she would join Robb and Sansa, but sometimes Robb would have her to himself. He realized on the road that while he loved Sansa more than anybody, he also loved his youngest sister. Her wild nature and tomboy attitude made her very attractive to Bran. His confusion over who he loved led to some many sleepless nights.

Not that he lacked people to spend these nights with. Sera was always happy to join him, and while Mira was more reluctant, she complied with his advances. He enjoyed bedding the experienced Shae. No two times were alike with her, and was knowledgeable in all forms of pleasure. Sansa liked her as well, and used her services every now and then. Sometimes the siblings would share her. Daenerys came to him willingly, though not frequently, trying to earn his favor in marriage. He never ordered her to do anything, enjoying her more when she wanted him.

Margaery was a tease, and while she would kiss him and wear revealing clothing, she did not let him in her bed. Robb knew he could force her to sleep with him, but he decided he had enough women to fuck.

Cersei remained his slave, and he took her whenever he wanted. He kept her in a cage, blindfolded, gagged, and bound. Robb had wanted to leave her naked, but he let her wear a roughspun tunic to protect her from the elements. Myrcella would often ask to see her, which he sometimes allowed, but not frequently and never alone. He enjoyed Myrcella's company and didn't force her to do anything. She was a virgin, to his knowledge, and decided she would let her remain that way if she so choose.

Stannis also sent Shireen North with him. Shireen wanted to see the North, and Stannis decided this was her best opportunity. However, Robb could see his ulterior motive. He wanted Robb to marry Shireen, and tie the realm together. Robb decided he would consider it, as she was pretty despite her Greyscale. Arya took a liking to the Baratheon girl. Shireen would read with Arya and Arya take Shireen riding.

Soon enough, he saw Winterfell on the horizon. Robb was home.

Arriving at Winterfell

The journey north took months, as such a large party of Lords and Ladies takes time. Everyone had some fun along the way. Perhaps you would like to hear about them?

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