On top of the counter

From Create Your Own Story

Moose doesn't give you time to answer. He grabs you and lifts you up and places you on top of the counter. He also gets on top of the counter and immediately goes down and starts sucking your throbbing cock. You feel your dick at the end of his throat and as Moose continues to suck you start to leak precum.

Moose removes his mouth from your hardon and pulls you down behind the counter. He moves over to the soft serve ice cream machine and turns its on. He cups his hands under it and when they're full he rubs it all over his body. His massive nipples go hard from the cold and he beckons you to come over to him. You both start rubbing the cream all over each others bodies and Moose grabs a handfull of it and rubs it up and down his enormous shaft.

Moose asks you to keep pumping his shaft as he reaches into the fridge behind the counter and pulls out a can of whipped cream. Without hesitating he grabs you and before you can protest he shoves the head of the can right up your ass. He squeezes the nozzle on the can and shoots a mountain of cream up your tight ass.

Do you:

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