Ongoing Story\He keeps on piercing

From Create Your Own Story

Greg gets up and glares at you, “do that again bitch and I will make you regret it.” He threatens. He juestures for Johnny to hold you down and climbs on top of you agin. He repercussion you’re nipple agin making you wimpier in pain but you are two afraid to throw him off. He then put a ring on the other nipple, as many through your ears as he can, he then pierced your lips, your eyebrows, belly, tong and finally your clit. That last one hurt like hell. When he was done he pulled up a mirror and show you the piercings in you nipples, nose, the half dosen in your ears, the one in your tonge, and the one in your clit. YOu look rediclus.

Then to add insult to injury Johnny who had been wanking off while Grey pierced you released a massive load all over your face and chest.

What do they do next?

Fuck you/ ongoing story

Torture you some more/ongoing story

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