Oops! You're Naked!/Secluded Pond/Try to grab the miscreant's knife

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Naked, caught, and held at knifepoint

You try and grab for the knife, but the stranger was expecting that. He grabs your wrist and twists your arm behind your back. "Not smart, lady," he says. "I've done this before." He turns you around, and you register his fist speeding towards you just before he knocks you out.

When you come to, you're spreadeagled on the ground, wrists and ankles tied to tent pegs - he must have had them hidden in the bushes. You're tied so tightly and stretched out so far, you can't move anything except your head. Seeing that you're now conscious - apparently he was waiting for this before he had his fun - he mounts you and starts jackhammering away into you, his hands crushing your breasts in their grip. You scream, cry, and beg, but he keeps pumping into you. Finally he climaxes, and you're relieved that it's all over.

But instead of letting you go, he returns to the bushes and comes back with his knife in hand. "You shouldn't have tried to run away, bitch," he snarls. "And you 'specially shouldn't have gone for my knife."

You scream even more frantically, but all you do is end up causing your breasts to bounce around, making him smile more. He kneels down between your spreadeagled legs and jams his knife into your ravaged twat. You're howling with agony as you feel the sharp steel slice into your most sensitive areas. He withdraws the knife and begins frantically stabbing you, over and over again. You let out one last scream before you finally expire. It's days before your body is found.


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