Peek through the keyhole to see what's happening

From Create Your Own Story

You peek through the keyhole and see your brother making out with his girlfriend. He picks her up and drops her on the bed. She undoes the buttons on his shirt as he undoes the buttons on hers. He then unclasps her bra and kisses her tits while she removes his shirt and he removes hers. She then gets on her knees and pulls down his zipper with her teeth. He takes out his pecker and she gives him a blow-job. They finish stripping. Your brother licks his girlfriend's gleaming pussy, and pushes her down. "Are you ready to have your cherry popped?" He asks playfully. "Yes, sir", she replies. She spreads her legs apart, and you get full-on view of her soon-to-be deflowered pussy. You have an urge to go in and de-flower her yourself.

Do you:


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