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In the doorway stood Podrick Payne. He was a tallish boy who looked very uncomfortable. He was wearing a red jerking and pants, an outfit which suited him. He was fairly fit and looked handsome enough.

"What are you doing here," Arya inquired. Her initial reaction was to cover herself. However, remembering Melisandre's teachings, she let herself be exposed, her whole body on display to the young boy.

Podrick looked down, flustered. "Ummmm... I'm one of Lady Melisandre's apprentices. I was instructed to show you the baths."

"Cool," Arya replied, approaching him, "Lead the way."

"O-o-of course," He stammered, "Right this way. With that, he turned around and left, expecting Arya to follow him. She complied, accompanying him in all her naked glory.

"What's your name?" Arya asked, walking next to him.

"Podrick Payne, but everyone calls me Pod."

Arya got a bad taste in her mouth at the name Payne. Ilyn Payne had killed her father. However, she knew it was foolish to judge someone based on the actions of their relative. "So, Pod, how'd you become Lady Melisandre's apprentice?"

"Well, uhhh," Pod replied, stealing a glance of Arya's beautiful body. Arya didn't mind, she actually enjoyed the attention. "I squired for Lord Tyrion during the war." Another name Arya didn't like. "After the Battle of Blackwater, I was imprisoned by King Stannis. Luckily, Lady Melisandre freed me, saying the Lord of Light had plans for me. Anyway, now I help wherever I can.

They arrived at the baths. "Are there any other apprentices?" Arya asked as they walked in.

"Yea, there's Lady Myrcella, the former princess. And Shireen Baratheon, the current princess." Arya smiled at the irony. "So, after your finished, ummmm, bathing, Melisandre wants you to meet her in the courtyard. Do you need anything else, my lady?"

Arya looked Podrick up and down. Podrick wasn't the most attractive person Arya had ever layed eyes on, but he was by no means ugly. Arya considered having some fun with him.

Does Arya ask Pod to join her in the bath?


No, she lets him leave

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